In 2010 when Sofie and Jonna just started to race we decided at the end of the season to go to World Finals in lake Havasu. The girls grandfather Thomas that already been fighting with cancer for 10 years was sick at this time so Helena decided to make a website so her father and all others could follow our daughters on their adventures. World finals 2010 was the first of many international races and on www.borgstromracing.se you could daily follow all action. Very soon we included all Borgström girls meaning their cuisines Jessica and Sandra as well.

So we had 4 talented Borgströms girls racing around the globe and Thomas was actually sitting and waiting for updates every morning and evening during race days. At home or in the hospital. He was one of the the girls biggest and most addicted follower. After any update he went to neighbors and relatives spreading the information proudly of what his granddaughters have done. Many said he usullay stayed longer but during this times when he came with “jetski news” he only had time for 10 minutes coffee so he could say what they achived and then he went to the next house.

He was always the first to read this site, and isn`t it little ironic now because when I hit enter and this goes up into the “clouds” he will again be the first to read it…

Luckely we have big familys on both sides and lot of friends that is helping us making this possible, driving and collecting the girls at the airport, taking care of our dog, taking care of our company etc. Thank you all !

We are now in Sharjah, UAE for the last round in UIM world Championship and Thomas said on wednesday afternoon: -Go there and beat the crap out of them !  Next morning he passed away. Whatever the results may be he will be proud.

Thomas Karlsson 1948-2017 leving his wife Kerstin, 5 kids and 8 grandchildren behind, and he was very proud of them all.